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Arthur and Shirley Houk

Dr. Houk and his wife, Shirley, both graduated from the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. She holds her Bachelor of Arts degree from the California State University of Long Beach, while Dr. Houk has his B.A. from BIOLA College, (now called BIOLA University). Both Dr. and Mrs. Houk have teaching experience, having taken graduate work at Western Carolina University, where they earned certification to teach in the public schools from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Dr. Houk holds a Doctor of Divinity degree from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary in Shreveport, Louisiana.

While serving with the United States Merchant Marine, Dr. Houk visited the Greek cities of Philippi, Neopolis, Corinth and Athens, mentioned in the Book of Acts. During his visit to a prison in Philippi, Dr. Houk recalled the Apostle Paul's reply to the Philippian jailer's question concerning salvation, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved..." Acts 16:31

While living in southern California, Dr. Houk has had the privilege of substitute teaching at Gethsemane Baptist Christian School in north Long Beach, and Bethel Baptist Christian School in Santa Ana. He has served as a chaplain in the Los Angeles County Jail system, and has preached each week at Emmanuel Baptist Rescue Mission on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

Dr. Houk wishes to thank the many pastors and churches where he has had the privilege of doing pulpit supply. The number of these churches has now reached 35. In many other churches he has had the opportunity to do a four minute gospel object lesson. They are all independent churches and, (unlike the ministry of Dr. Jerry Falwell), not one of the 35 is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention.


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